Agawa Canyon – a complete travel guide

A unique, once in a lifetime journey to one of the norths most popular destinations Located 183 kilometeres (114 miles – by rail) north of Sault Ste. Marie the Agawa Canyon has long been a favourite tourist destination in the Algoma Country region. Carved by the Agawa River over a billion years ago and accessible … Read more

James Bay Frontier – a complete travel guide

Ontario’s vast wilderness region teeming with wildlife in natural habitats The James Bay Frontier is by far the largest region in Northern Ontario and in fact all of Ontario for that matter. It is otherwise known as Ontario’s wilderness region and for good reason as it is a sparsely populated land filled with muskeg, tundra, lakes and … Read more

Rainbow Country – a complete travel guide

A recreationalist and nature enthusiasts nirvana rich in Aboriginal traditions… For a lot of Ontario citizens Rainbow Country is as far north as they ever drive. This area is a favorite among residents as it is a day-trippers paradise and is only located a few hours away from the main Canadian population centres. This popular … Read more

Sunset Country – a complete travel guide

A vast wilderness of lakes, rivers and endless tracts of forest The Sunset Country is the vast wilderness region of Ontario Canada at its extreme northwest bordering the Province of Manitoba and the State of Minnesota. Scarcely populated with no large urban conglomerations it is a marvelous landscape of lakes, rivers and never ending tracts of … Read more

Algoma Country – a complete travel guide

Pristine wilderness and breathtaking scenery along the rugged shores of Lake Superior The Algoma Country is a huge expanse of old growth boreal forest with an amazing abundance of wildlife running north of Sault Ste Marie along the northern shore of eastern Lake Superior to the town of White River, then north past Hearst and … Read more

The Ottawa Valley – a complete travel guide

A land of rivers, streams and forests The whitewater capital of Ontario When most people think of the Ottawa Valley they naturally assume the region is all about the City of Ottawa and while it does in fact include the city that area is more appropriately called the National Capital Region. I have included information … Read more

Shakespeare Country – a complete visitors guide

London, the Thames, Stratford a region awash in our British heritage The Shakespeare Country is located right in the heart of the Southwestern Ontario region. It proudly exhibits its British heritage with place names such as London, Stratford and Perth and with rivers such as the Thames and Avon. Located amidst rolling farmlands this beautiful countryside … Read more

Byward Market – a complete visitors guide

The oldest part of the city and its entertainment destination The Byward Market is a four-square block district in the center of Ottawa and is one of the city’s major attractions. Whether you are looking to get something to eat, browse unique boutiques, be entertained, or simply stroll and admire the sights, this is a … Read more

Bytown Museum – a complete visitors guide

Ottawa’s oldest stone building at its most picturesque location The Bytown Museum is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa beside the Rideau Canal, this small but historically important building traces the history of the city and its inhabitants from its early days to the present. The museum is housed in Ottawa’s oldest stone building, … Read more

Greg Frewin Theatre – magic in the magical falls

The International Grand Champion of Magic right here in Niagara Falls Ontario Performing at the aptly named Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls Ontario Greg Frewin is a Hamilton born illusionist that has been dazzling audiences with his unique combination of magic and comedy for most of his life. Since being amazed by a simple … Read more