Craigleith Provincial Park

Great camping alongside 450 million year old fossils on the shale beach


Craigleith Provincial Park was established in 1967 to protect some significant 450 million year old fossils. It also offers the only public camping on the southern shore of Nottawasaga Bay.

Nearby Blue Mountain and the Niagara Escarpment dominate the landscape and the parks exposed Blue Mountain shale is unique and creates a layered beach that is perfect for wading, watching some impressive sunsets or capturing some beautiful photos.

Easy to reach being situated on Highway #26 this small 65-hectare (160 acre) waterfront park at the foot of the Blue Mountain is also located only minutes away from some of the Province’s best recreational opportunities including:

  • Wasaga Beach
  • Blue Mountain
  • Bruce Trail
  • Georgian Bay
  • Nottawasaga River
  • Beaver River

While maybe not a destination in its own right the parks strategic location makes it a perfect home base and during the busy summer months the campsites are highly coveted.


Location of Craigleith Provincial Park

Getting to Craigleith:

As Craigleith Provincial Park is located only minutes outside Collingwood westwards along Highway #26 visit my Collingwood page for directions there then just continue on Highway #26.

Check out this Craigleith Provincial Park video below:


Craigleith Attractions and Activities

The exposed shale formations and beach at the park contain countless fossils of trilobites, ancient invertebrates up to 450 million years old.


Visit my Collingwood page for more information on local cycling routes.


The park is a perfect launching point for your kayak or canoe as the flat rocks of the beach and shallow water make it easy to hop in and out of your vessel.

This is open water and the Nottawasaga Bay is a large body of water and can get choppy at times so for those that prefer a more sheltered paddling experience the park is located only minutes away from two of the best canoe routes in southern Ontario:


The sports of windsurfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding have become extremely popular in recent years and the small park makes for one of the best spots on the Bay for practitioners to launch their craft.

On any given summer day expect to see numerous boarders on the waters offshore.

Craigleith Heritage Depot

Just 2.6 kilometres (2 miles) from the park entrance is this little historic gem in the towns former train station. Now converted to a miniature museum housing local artifacts it makes for a nice diversion for a half hour or so.


Ideally situated amongst some of the province’s premier tourist attractions if you are planning to be in the Blue Mountain, Collingwood or Wasaga Beach area than Craigleith Provincial Park may definitely be a stop along your journey.

One of the only public camping locations in the South Georgian Bay area the park is not open all year and operates from mid April until late October. As you can imagine it campsites can book up quickly especially on a long weekend so it is recommended that if you are planning to stay overnight then book in advance. For more information visit: Ontario Parks


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