Ontario communities

There are many Ontario communities and cities of all sizes within this huge province. 

For ease of navigation I have listed them all on this page. If a community has a page within the confines of this site then you will find them here listed in alphabetical order in the various provincial sub-regions.


Central Ontario communities:


The largest of all Ontario cities, the main tourist destination and the entry point to the country for many vistors it is also the gateway to Niagara Falls located just down the highway. With many pages within this site dedicated to the attractions and activities to be found within this huge metropolis get all the information you need on my Toronto page.

Southwestern Ontario:


Perfectly located at the centre on the province’s main recerational area the town of Collingwood is Ontario’s main 4 season destination. Sitting in the shadow of Blue Mountain and located right beside Wasaga Beach beautiful Collingwood is definitely worth a visit.


Located halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls on the main highway between these two huge tourist destinations the City of Hamilton is often overlooked by visitors to the Province. With much to offer it has a beauty not easily seen when crossing over the highway’s Skyway Bridge that quickly demonstrates its industrial might. A highly recommended destination get all the information about this Golden Horsehoe jewel on my Hamilton page.


An isolated community of the west coast of Ontario along the shores of Lake Huron this small community is at the centre of 30 kilometres (18 miles) of beautiful sandy beaches. A popular summer destination there is much to see and do in the area all year round. Find out everything of interest to visitors on my Kincardine page.


Located near the southernmost point of mainland Canada the small community of Leamington is the gateway to Point Pelee and Pelee Island. With a warm Mediterranean climate, miles of sandy beches and its location near North America’s main bird migration route visitors from arounnd the world make the annual trek to this vibrant communty. For more information visit my Leamington page.

Lion’s Head

A small community in the northern part of the Bruce Peninsula the famous Bruce Trail winds around it and the area contains what many consider its most spectacular scenery. A great place to use as a home base for exploring the Bruce for more information visit my Lion’s Head page.

Niagara Falls

Famous the world over Niagara Falls is one of the most visited destinations on the planet. While the main attraction is justifiably the huge waterfalls for which it is named the city also has many attractions and activities to keep visitors occupied for days on end. To find out everything you need when planning a trip to one of the most famous Ontario cities and a natural marvel visit my Niagara Falls page.

Owen Sound

The Bruce Peninsula’s largest community sits at the end of a beautiful inlet of Georgian Bay . Home to a few nice museums amidst the beautiful natural scenery it is well worth a visit when in the area. To see what the city has to offer visit my Owen Sound page.

Port Elgin

Another Lake Huron beach resort the tiny community has a beautiful beach and has loads of recreational activities available. A long time summer holiday destination for Southern Ontarians to see what the city has to offer visit my Port Elgin page.

Sauble Beach

Usually considered “up north” by most Southern Ontarians this Canadian beach destination legend is actually located on the northern fringes of southwestern Ontario. With the second longest freshwater beach in the world and warm shallow water the swimming conditions in the summer months are ideal. Visit my Sauble Beach page to find out everything you need to plan a visit.


A small, historic Lake Huron port with a great beach Southampton is a beautiful little town that while one of the west coast of Ontario’s main communities is also the southermmost community of the Bruce Peninsula. A great place to spend a quiet summer weekend check out my page for more information

Stoney Creek

This fast growing suburb of the City of Hamilton was the site of a famous War of 1812 battle that is re-enacted annually. A designated National Historic Site of Canada visit my Stoney Creek page to find out everything about the battlefield and the other attractions that this small Ontario city has to offer.


This small town at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula sits amongst some of the most spectacular scenery in the province and is also the southern terminus of the ferry to Manitoulin Island. Its isolation is a limiting factor for a number of visitors but for those that do make the journey the beauty of the surrounding area will surely impress. Visit my Tobermory page for more information.

Wasaga Beach

The summertime party capital of the province this little town sits astride the world’s longest freshwater beach. A great place to spend a hot summer day check out my Wasaga Beach page to get all the information you need to plan a visit to the area.


This small city on the Niagara peninsula is located very near to Niagara Falls and is named after the canal built to bypass this huge cataract. With attractions that include the world famous Welland Canal visit my Welland page to get all the information you need to plan a visit to the area.


Located amongst some of the most spectacular scenery on the Bruce Peninsula this small town also annually hosts the world famous Wiarton Willie festival. For more information on the “Gateway to the Bruce” visit my Wiarton page.

Northern Ontario communities:

Sioux Lookout Ontario

This small community of 5000 inhabitants located in northwestern Ontario is known as the “hub of the north” due to the fact that it has the 4th busiest airport in the province servicing many remote northern communities and also a thriving fly-in fishing and hunting industry. For more information about one of the most vibrant Ontario cities visit my Sioux Lookout page.


While small in size Timmins is the main hub for tourists making the trek further north into the James Bay frontier. A mining community at heart it also is a nature lover’s paradise and is surrounded by lakes, rivers and endless forests. To find out everything that this small Ontario city has to offer visit my Timmins page.


Ontario’s only saltwater port sits on the Moose River just a short distance upstream from James Bay. Mainly reached by taking an adventurous train journey called the Polar Bear Express this is most Canadians only chance to catch a glimse of the arctic. To learn more about what this community has to offer visit my Moosonee page.

Moose Factory

The original English settlement in the Province of Ontario this is where it all began. Sitting on Moose Factory Island in the middle of the Moose River opposite nearby Moosonee visitors will definitely get a sense of history as they walk this small community’s streets, especially when srolling through the hallowed lanes of the historic Hudson’s Bay Company buildings. Visit my Moose Factory page for more information.

Eastern Ontario:


A beautiful small community located just east of Kingston it is known as “The Gateway to the Thousand Islands”. The starting point of the marvelous 1000 Islands Parkway there is much to see and do. Visit my Gananoque page for all the information you need when planning a visit.


The capital of Canada the City of Ottawa is also the second largest of all Ontario cities. Located at its eastern extremity on the border with the Province of Quebec it is a beautiful city still very much in tune with the natural beauty that surrounds it. With much to see and do visit my Ottawa page for all the information that any visitor will require.


The original capital of Canada this historic mid-sized city sits at one of the most strategic points in the province. Full of history and beauty Kingston marks the beginning of the famed Thousand Islands which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ontario. The city has much, much more to offer vistors, check out my Kingston page for all the information you need when planning a visit.


The city of the Thousand Islands lays at the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of the Province. A great place to book a Thousand Islands cruise visit my Brockville page for all the information you need to plan a visit.