Southwestern Ontario - a complete travel guide

Endless beaches, natural wonders, vineyards, Enjoy spectacular Southwestern Ontario ...

The main attraction in the Southwestern Ontario region is without a doubt Niagara Falls. Many people have the Falls on their “must see” list of places to visit in their lifetimes and it is easy to see why once there.

Niagara Falls deservedly is a topic in its own right within the pages of this website and all the information you could every desire is found within my Niagara Falls pages.

Southwestern Ontario does however include a lot more for an interested traveler than just Niagara Falls…


Other interesting places include the most southernmost point of mainland Canada to land’s end at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula with its spectacular sunsets.

In between there are major Canadian cities such as Hamilton, London, Kitchener and Windsor and sub regions such as the Golden Horseshoe, Canada’s wine country. Rich in history and culture from Canada’s many ethnic forefathers the region is as diverse as it is beautiful. Next to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) this region contains a major proportion of the province’s population.

As this is the region that I grew up in and still reside today this Ontario Canada Travel website will naturally have a more in depth knowledge of this particular area. And what a beautiful area it is, there is a reason I have continued to live in this area, I simply cannot get enough of its sights and attractions.

The Southwest Ontario Region is almost completely surrounded by water with beaches as good as any in the country. Fishing, boating and waterskiing are extremely popular activities. Many of the communities that line these shores are rich in local history and culture and most areas along Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay are considered “cottage country”.


Southwestern Ontario Attractions and Activities

From modern cities to quiet country hamlets nestled in pristine country the Southwest Ontario Region was made for travelers. Check out its various sub-regions below:

Ontario’s West Coast

The West Coast of Ontario and has long been a very popular part of the province for vacationers due to its spectacular natural features, rare ecosystems, beautiful white sandy beaches and world famous sunsets. Get all the information you need on my West Coast of Ontario page.

Grand River Country

Dotted with quaint little riverside towns and some spectacular scenery the Grand River country is well known by locals as one of Southern Ontario’s premier fishing and recreational destinations. To get all the information you need on this area visit my Grand River Country page.

Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee Island

Stretching almost 300 kilometres (180 miles) along the north shore of Lake Erie this sub-region of Southwestern Ontario has long been a beach getwaway destination for locales and visitors alike. A trip to Pelee Island is a journey unto itself and one that offers visitors a unique experience to be found nowhere else in Canada. If you are planning a trip to this area or would like more information to see if you would like to put this region on your itinerary visit my Lake Erie North Sore and Pelee Island page.

Golden Horseshoe

If you are planning a trip to Niagara Falls or anywhere else in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario Canada get all the information you require by visiting my Golden Horseshoe page. From wineries to world spectacular natural wonders, the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario Canada is definitely a must see place to visit in the province.

Bruce Peninsula

One of the most spectacular natural areas in the Province of Ontario the Bruce Peninsula is known the world over for its unmatched scuba diving, glorious sunsets and unique ecosystems. Definitely worthy of a visit get all the information you need at my Bruce Peninsula page.

Shakespeare Country

Set right in the heart of Southwestern Ontario amidst rolling farmlands, slow meandering rivers and picturesque communities the Shakespeare Country region beckons visitors to pay a visit. Get all the information you need about the area at my Shakespeare Country page.